Elli Organic Products

From Plant to Bottle

Discover the essence of Africa with the Elli range. The therapeutic properties and unique fragrances of the African flora were the inspiration for the 100% organic Elli products.




We live on an organic farm. Our herbs and oils are organic certified. Our farming motto is : ‘does nature approve’ Little wonder that we wanted our Elli range to be organic. While we are organic supporters, we are the first to admit that ORGANIC is not unconditionally equal to quality – NO, it is not. However, apart from the ideological concerns, Organic certification is a guarantee that the ingredients were grown and processed free from pesticides and synthetic fertilisers - AND the processes were audited : no small fete. Organic certification at least sets the table for a marvelous product if enough care is taken with the formulation -when the intrinsic attributes of the organic ingredients are cleverly matched with the expectation of the product and with the sophisticated natural systems of your skin to care for and mend itself.

Note: that the combination and blend of the organic African essential oils and base ingredients used differ with each Elli product, as each product formulation was carefully developed to enhance the specific requirements of the product.