HERBS-APLENTY is a farm based company with focus on the herb industry. We have more than two decades of hands-on experience with farm project planning, management and delivery. We are passionate about biological and organic principles and collaborate with selected commercial farmers to advocate and develop better sustainable economic involvement and marketability; not only for farming but the use of raw organic produce as well. Our focus on organic agriculture starts firstly with our main litmus test : does nature approve? If we pass this test we know that the actions we are applying will be sustainable from a natural and economical viewpoint.


HERBS-APLENTY started in 1993 with a small nursery and herb products on Bien Donne, Franschhoek. Lavender was the first commercial crop planted but this soon grew to a variety of crop types with new focus on indigenous South African herbs. Over the years with extensive R&D the company has grown into a multidisciplinary entity. In 2003, the mother business was unbundled into HERBS-APLENTY(PTY)LTD, CAPE ESSENTIAL OIL SERVICES(PTY)LTD and GOEDGEGEWE FARM.


We started the establishment of herbs crops on GOEDGEGEWE FARM in 2003, with biological farming principles and have since been organically certified. We relocated all the activities to GOEDGEGEWE FARM, between Hermanus and Caledon in 2008. Continuing with essential oil crops but also introducing a greater variety of dried and medicinal herbs to our repertoire.


Because Organic principles support :


    In a global simplistic context, we should strive to keep the interaction between Earth, man and plant in balance, where in the responsible approach to social and ethical issues should be addressed.

    If an ingredient has a paper trail and is audited, the history of location, processing and application can be verified.

    Ingredients as nature intended.

    We must create, maintain and support the conditions where in man and nature can exist in harmony for future generations.

All of the above ideologies start with a wider GREEN approach.